About Taoke

Shanghai TAOKE network technology co., LTD is a professional supplier of photovoltaic monitoring system, the cloud data intelligent PV plant services, by pv technology professionals and professional network monitoring R&D team, mainly service for the global inverter manufacturer, pv plant operators,after-sales and photovoltaic system integrators.

TAOKE independently develop with independent intellectual property rights of the logger, compatible with more than 100 inverter brands, has get TUV, FCC certificate; Using the self-developed TK OS, to ensure that the photovoltaic power station in the future long running safety,Smart-PV cloud data center also by TAOKE completely independent development and maintenance.

TAOKE since 2010, on the basis of Smart-PV cloud data center, build a professional, stable, intelligent third party remote monitoring platform - Smart-PV, data updated in real time, and the green power network to realize the global system of cloud computing architectures,have cloud data center in many countries,and in hangzhou and Hong Kong set up a domestic and overseas data center. There are three languages version,Chinese English and Japanese, in service in a dozen countries and regions.

Smart-PV has its own independent fault alarm, offline alarm and efficiency warning system , and there are professionals on a regular basis for plant inspection;Monitored plant data real-time transmission to the Smart-PV cloud data center,in real time through the green power network platform to show to the user.

Smart-PV platform has a professional technical team according to the customer and the market demand, constantly updated, constantly improve, and the vast majority of such updates function for free use.

TAOKE based on Smart-PV cloud data center, developed a series of diversified client software,such as mobile client,display in big screen by cloud, distributed photovoltaic cloud, etc., software copyright certificate has been obtained, meet the users in various environment view and display their pv plant data.