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Welcome to our booth J40e in Bermingham solar energy exhibition in 2015

Solar Energy UK 2015 is the largest and most professional exhibition of solar energy industry, it is also the only platform for industry companies to launch new products.

TAOKE,a pv remote monitoring company, will attend Renewable Energy Expo 2015 in Bermingham this month,we look forward to sharing our new technologies and develop new business opportunities in the UK.

We sincerely invite you to our booth J40e and have a face-to-face talk during October 13th-15th.

We are truly sorry for any misleading for using another exhibitor QOS energy company logo and image for marketing communication. This was definitely NOT we wanted, and we really sorry for any loss of QOS energy company.

Exhibition Name:Bermingham solar energy exhibition in 2015

Address:UK - Bermingham NEC International Exhibition Center



TAOKE,a pv remote monitoring company, will attend Renewable Energy Expo 2015 in india next month,we sincerely invite you to our booth E27D and have a face-to-face talk during Sep. 23-25th.

Exhibition Name:The 9th Renewable Energy India Expo

Pavilion Name:India Expo Centre Greater Noida (NCR)

Address:Plot No.25&27-29,Knowledge Park II ,Greater Noida-201 306, India



Poverty relief office of linfen using Poor areas less fog haze, illumination time is long, high visibility of the geographical advantage,Will use idle hilly land to Construction of a 1000 - seat installed capacity of 100 kilowatts of photovoltaic power station in 1000 poverty villages of the city,After the completion of the installed capacity of 100 megawatts,photovoltaic power generation will give poor peasant villages to bring the Gospel.

Taoke as the leading enterprise in photovoltaic industry third-party remote monitoring.Fully guarantee the stability of collecting data, security,and intelligent remind all the information the power station.The success to undertake the monitoring part of linfen in shanxi poverty alleviation projects,has been monitoring yu jiazui,zhangcai village,liu village,yao qu, zhao jiayuan and erji village poverty alleviation projects.All project Access to Smart-PV access third-party cloud monitoring service platform, to realize intelligent operations management.

Smart-PV of TAOKE is the data monitoring information platform of authority, as a third party remote platform,TAOKE access TK OS to development of logger, uploaded to the Smart-PV platform,then through the web and APP to view and manage user account's all the plant information and data.Smart-PV multiple management architecture can easily make linfen poverty alleviation bureau of municipal, county, and single plant classification management.

Smart-PV development of distributed PV cloud really fit the multi-level management plant of linfen poverty alleviation project requirements.No matter you in any city, as long as you can on the network, can through the management of the intelligent terminal, meet photovoltaic equipment system of remote monitoring, review and management functions.

Monitoring of the Linfen project, is the recognition of green power grid distributed remote power plant management.TAOKE will always adhering to the customer for the third party monitoring protection, security and stability of expectation, truly distributed intelligent, safe and efficient power plant, in order to promote and safeguard the implementation of the national photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects and development to provide a better service.