Enterprise dynamics

Smart-PV access management system according to the characteristics of the photovoltaic power station operation and management of the design,makes the management level can expand infinitely , even if your firm size is big enough, and no problem to management more than ten thousand power plant . Management role can authorize upwards, also can be downwards.

The diversification of customer plant management in Smart-PV can be fully embody!


1. The difference between the professional users and ordinary users

When you registered,you can choose to register as a professional or an common user, As the following drawing:

The most different between two kind of the users is that the login interface and function is different.

the professional edition,complete functions,but need more professional operation.

In the common edition,simple A simple way to browse and operation,meet basic needs of most users.


2. Rights management of permissions.

Through the understanding of the professional and common users as we know, there are some functions of the two are different, including rights management is one of them.ordinary users do not have this function permissions level are divided into three categories,check,manage and empower.

Let others check plant,select check

let others manager plant,select manage

The supreme authority to others, a little higher than manage, is empower

If you are still not clear, then we introduced by some examples


3. Power station the highest authorized personnel

we default A who establish a pv plant,suppose that is you,the company boss,automatically has the supreme authority,Then you can authorize to any other smart-pv users,such as B,C,D,etc;and then they can log in their account to see the power station. What is the difference?

The user B only need to check,you don't want him to change your equipment, or even delete equipment, then give him check permissions.

The user C is your operations teams,he need maintenance information, addition new equipment, download the report, make weekly report,then give him manage permissions.

The userD is your Backup,when you need take a rest,you want he can do everything that you can ,of course,it refers to pv plant,then give him empower permissions.

Because these rights management, Smart-PV to meet meet the different needs of the PV plant owner,of course,as long as you are Smart-PV user and care about your own pv plant,can through the mobile client login and view Smart-PV data(free version of the mobile client does not have the management function).

Smart-PV intelligent alarm system for the customer provides the convenience of management, by offline alarm and equipment alarm , the efficiency early warning and realize intelligent data analysis and management of photovoltaic power station, to maintenance staff no longer need to stare at a computer screen for a large amount of data checking work, greatly reduce the workload of operations.

By big data to achieve the efficiency early warning is an important part of power station intelligent management, really solve the biggest difficulty in photovoltaic power station intelligence operations.

Alarm set

Smart-PV has its own independent fault alarm, offline alarm and efficiency warning system;Three alarm notifications can be in the form of real-time e-mail to notify the user,you can setting it in the bottom of the professional edition or in the setting center which is on the right side of the common edition.

Fault alarm

as long as PV plant Equipment failure,Smart-PV will inform the user in real time,First of all, Fault information prompt icon will light up,As the following drawing:

Click on the fault list can enter the detailed list page. At the same time in the professional edition homepage "Today History Failure",will list all the failed power plant information,As the following drawing:

At the same time,If user login Mobile client,The client will real-time display power station fault state and the failure detail information.

If the user doesn't need to pay attention to one of the fault information,by management or authorized account into the professional edition of the "settings-faliure manage-failure filtration"page,filter the failure which you don't need to look,all the fault information report in Smart-PV will sent in real time to users to set the alarm email address.

Offline alarm

In Smart-PV,the second alarm system is offlin alarm system,namely in each day at 8:00 a.m to 16 p.m working hours, if the power plant equipment under the communication interrupt more than 1 hour,then the system will automatically send the offline alarm email to the user,to facilitate customers in a timely manner to deal with offline equipment.

Efficiency warning

In profesional edition, management or authorized users can through "settings-warning set-station efficiency warnning"to enter station efficiency warnning module,here to set need to early warning of power station and the corresponding warning efficiency,after setting,when setting the plant efficiency is lower than the warning value,Smart-PV will,send the efficiency warnning email to the user,can be better for users to understand the efficiency of the power station.

No matter your plant appeared what kind of problem, such as: component damage,inverter failure, communication failure,environment mutations,etc; These anomalies affect power output.Smart-PV through the intelligent analysis system will immediately inform to the user, to ensure the best running state power station.