Distributed PV plant

The distributed power station has the characteristics of independent controllable,Scattered on the user side,Connection fee is very low,Don't even have a cost,The user is usually within the area of near or nearby,Often developed areas in business,Built on the roof and open space in the related industries,Give full play to the advantages of the solar power.

In view of the distributed generation,A project is usually dozens of access point,And access points are not in the same place,Capacity is not worse than the ground station,Combined with nearby use,Have very high request for operations teams,Requirements quickly found the problem,To solve the problem quickly,In order to maximize the amount of power generation.

Installation features

Install the TAOKE of GPRS logger,and compatible with the vast majority of domestic and foreign inverter, electric meter, etc.,sends the data to the Smart-PV directly,then operations teams, the owner and the EPC are at the same time through a variety of client to access all its power station,with a unified interface, convenient management, etc,timely found the problem to solve in time,save a large amount of manpower,maximize the interests of various groups.

Actual case:A famous leather city

A famous leather city,Several independent roof mounted distributed solar power stations,but taking into account the safety factor and not affect the normal operation of the leather city, etc.,professional operations team is not every day can climb up the roof for routine inspection,so they need to add the remote monitoring and control system.

One logger installed on a roof wall under the eaves,Placed in a box of IP65 waterproof dustproof,put in the near field devices,use a 485 bus connection has nearly more than 10 inverter and 1 weather stations collect data,all the data through the GPRS uploaded to Smart-PV,operations teams using TAOKE Professional platform for monitoring.

Ops team found one of the pv array,under the condition of weather good light radiation,In the past few days the efficiency of power generation continued to decline,based on the experience of the past,think its components need to be cleaned,so Contact the leather city cleaning personnel,require cleaning operation.


Photovoltaic power plant in Shanghai Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Installed capacity: 30 MW

City: Shanghai

Owner: Datang power

Haining leather city gold solar photovoltaic power station

Installed capacity: 3.6 MW

City: Jiaxing

Owner: Tian Tong Holdings

Taida in dongguan factory photovoltaic power station

Installed capacity: 2.08 MW

City: Dongguan

Owner: Taida

Pudong international airport photovoltaic demonstration plants

Installed capacity: 1.73 MW

City: Shanghai

Owner: Optimal too firm