Large-scale PV plant

for Large-scale photovoltaic power plants  remote monitoring,From the scene data acquisition,to communication and transport and the final data classified storage,can provide a whole set of Turnkey solution. All by TAOKE independent development ,Maintain synchronization update speed industry development. And, especially for large power stations are widespread local monitoring center, TAOKE can be used as a synchronous cloud data center, Synchronous data and whole platform terminal services.

Installation features

In many local monitoring data center, want to add the remote monitoring center for assistance, or establish a new large pv power plant, would like to add local monitoring, Taoke can provide a variety of solutions

Scheme 1: new project to install remote monitoring

Summary data by Taoke, uploaded to the Smart-PV, and then you can easily open the platform of the whole regional remote monitoring, power stations and the data summary and warranty service Under this scheme,it is will not affect the owner all local monitoring control function, and can prevent the local monitoring problems cause data loss situation, once the local monitoring and control problems, can by the green grid data is returned to the local monitoring, a dual backup role.

Scheme 2: old PV plant equipped with remote monitoring

Can be in the original system of remote management by Taoke machine equipped with TK logger, GPRS module, and the collector itself through wireless way to send data to the Smart-PV, the user to read station data remotely through the Internet, without adding any laying pipelines or change pattern of the original equipment, increase the remote monitoring system.

Logger using assembly language, and use the 485 bus, it equivalent reverse isolation device, under the condition of without affecting the data collection, the possibility of a total ban on the external invasion.

Actual case: a large power station will be required to have a remote terminal, convenient operations teams routine inspection

A communication management machine can pick up a logger, Do not affect each other, all data are processed through the mobile network to Smart-PV. Operations team in the central room WEB side to see all the plant running status.

Found the problem inform on-site maintenance personnel, on-site maintenance personnel through Taoke APP to view faults and fault location, and according to the fault list to determine which devices, decide whether to need and contact problem diagnosis, and then drive to the scene to carry the relevant tools and specifications maintenance problem.

At the same time, all this in principle, will not be any impact on its major control center or lead to external shocks, natural isolation.


Zhuhai flextronics factory photovoltaic power station

Installed capacity: 15 MW

City: Zhuhai


Shanghai hongqiao railway station photovoltaic power station

Installed capacity: 6.68 MW

Cities: Shanghai

Owner: CECEP solar technology co., LTD

Yunnan chuxiong xiutian PV station

Installed capacity: 20 MW

City: yunnan

Owner: state power investment corporation

Jiangsu golden sun demonstration project

Installed capacity: 20 MW

City: nantong

Owner: QS Solar