Family PV plant

Family power station as a mainstream of future photovoltaic mode,has the miniaturization and facilitation,The owner only care about how many electricity,other issues they want operations teams to solve for them,The same for their professional pv companies,as a professional pv companies,not only should guarantee the quality of photovoltaic power plant installation,Also to ensure the follow-up service in place,hope before the owner found the problem,notify the owner, to the owners to provide professional, humane, personalized service experience.

Installation features

TAOKE logger directly connected to the inverter,then connect to the home Router or directly use the GPRS logger,the EPC directly to help users registered ordinary version of the smart-pv network account,the user can through the phone APP simple know electricity upstairs condition and investment benefit.Maintenance can use a more powerful professional version of Smart-PV to help users monitor the operation of the power station.

Actual case:A villa to install remote monitoring

Collector directly by the on site installation personnel in the eaves, meters and inverter near,through the Ethernet cable to connect to your router.Then you can immediately know villa electricity situation,after setting the electricity price, can understand daily earnings.

Owner need through the phone APP view the data,usually don't care about the power station operation.

But the owners ask ops team through the pro Smart-PV to help users to manage power station,once found abnormal, inform him as early as possible,then arrange time to villa for repair and maintenance,does not affect its to sell electricity to the national grid.


Shanghai Yashi Ju Zhao Chunjiang family plant

Installed capacity: 3.7 kW

City: Shanghai

Owner: Zhao Chunjiang

Upsolar Italy

Installed capacity: 11.7 kw

City: Treviso

Owner: Upsolar

Jiangsu yuzhao double glass project

Installed capacity: 1.44 KW

City: Taicang

Owner: Yuzhao

Xiangxieli villa shed

Installed capacity: 5 KW

City: Shanghai

Owner: Yuzhao