Cloud Big Screen


As the Smart-PV photovoltaic power station information monitoring gradually improve,In order to meet the needs of the users for the photovoltaic power station itself and the display of the data,Developed a adaptability is strong big screen network client software.Users can use this software in the reception hall, exhibition hall, the site of the project, the exhibition and other global any occasion of show project better,Reflect the comprehensive strength of enterprises.

No matter what your power station size, form and types,Smart-PV can be customized for you big screen show the network client software,Through its customized function,Can show you power station real-time power data, meteorological data, general situation, the month or the power generation situation chart and so on.

The security of data collection

The data of the software comes from the "Smart-PV cloud computing data center",As long as your computer is connected to the network,Can ensure that the data real-time display.Don't worry about your computer to shut down and lose data,Its data fully implemented cloud storage.

Saving cost

Because the data directly from the "Smart-PV cloud computing data center",So as long as computers connected to the Internet,you can get the latest power station operation,Don't have to worry about the huge data storage and data loss.For distributed photovoltaic power station users,No longer need to buy expensive industrial PC,The whole project as long as a normal computer monitoring system can meet the demand.