Data Interface


Smart-PV data interface with 104, OPC,webservice,modbus, etc., to meet user demand for secondary development data or set up all kinds of applications.

 Webservice data interface for free, the rest is charging interface, the user can choose according to their needs the corresponding service interface.

In view of the customer want to build data center,TAOKE provide all equipment acquisition and data security solution,And synchronize data to the user's data center.

 TAOKE will be responsible for data collection, synchronization, and security of foundation work,And the data of "stability, integrity, real-time, effectiveness" is responsible for,Enterprises only need to put effort and investment on the user data center of data analysis and power station management(Construction of power station in ERP).

TAOKE logger compatible with more than 150 brand products,Including inverter, weather stations, electric meter, junction box, and dc switchgear,Users do not need to worry about compatibility issues,Ensure that users can easy to use.

Using this scheme,Users also need not to worry about is monitored any binding of the enterprise,According to the service quality to select monitor manufacturer.